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Filmmaker. Photographer. New dad.


Brandon Ravet is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer.


After graduating from Chapman Film School, Ravet wrote and directed the sports documentary series Who Made You?, including two one-hour TV specials for CBS starring sports icons such as Tiger, Jordan, Shaq, and Kobe. Ravet has written, produced, and directed several acclaimed web series, shorts, and is the creator of The Text Committee, Facebook's first original short-form scripted series. He has created content for major brands, won multiple awards, and racked up millions of views. In addition to filmmaking and photography, Ravet dedicates his time to suicide prevention and of course, his family. 

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Award-Winning Short Film


When a Black country singer is offered the chance to sing the National Anthem at the High School Football State Championship, he is forced to choose between career and cause. Featuring original songs by Phredley Brown (Guitarist and Music Director for Bruno Mars).



optimistic realist

Award-Winning Short Film


A struggling actress/Hebrew school teacher seeks career advice from her sage 5th grade students.



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text committee

Facebook's 1st Original Short Scripted Series 


A top secret organization of social media experts dedicated to to fixing digital communication disasters before they happen. Starring internet phenoms Matthew Espinosa and Dang Matt Smith. Produced by Studio71.



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