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In 2015 I lost my dad to suicide. He never left a note or gave me a chance to say goodbye. Until that moment I had lived a sheltered life. The only family members I had lost were my elderly grandparents. Tragedy was something I had only seen in movies. In 2018 a friend urged me to volunteer with him at the Suicide Prevention Center. After volunteering once a week for two years, I became a Supervisor. Now I train and mentor new Crisis Counselors. Dealing with loss, grief, pain, suffering, mental illness, and suicide has become my new comfort zone. So has love, empathy, and hope. 


Working at the Suicide Prevention Center has completely altered my perspective on life and made me a much richer human being. When my grandkids ask me what I was doing during the pandemic, I will be able to tell them with immense pride that helped many people in desperate need of compassion.


If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer Crisis Counselor we’d love to have you. VOLUNTEER HERE


You can also help the cause through a tax-deductible donation DONATE HERE

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